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2002: UK Foot and Mouth Epidemic Recovery

Stephen M. Apatow
Director of Research and Development 
Humanitarian Resource Institute Biodefense Reference Library
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The last confirmed case of FMD in the UK was recorded on 30 September 2001. Since then, all counties in Great Britain have been classed as FMD free for the purposes of licensed movements of animals, following an absence of outbreaks of
disease for at least 3 months and extensive serological surveillance of sheep and goat flocks. On 22 January 2002, the OIE (World Animal Health Organisation) restored the UKs FMD-free status as far as international trade is concerned.

The potential complexity of the post epidemic period relates to:

  • Residual environmental contamination
  • Risk of latent FMD Infection in the national sheep flock
  • Risk of introduction through outside sources.

2.27.2002 - (DEFRA: Foot and Mouth Division): Investigation into Possible FMD on a Farm in North Yorkshire
2.22.2002 (AFX News - Europe) UK sheep tests positive for foot-and-mouth antibodies
2.21.2002 - (DEFRA: To Veterinary Record): Need for Vigilance in the Aftermath of FMD and CSF

In the light of the devastating agricultural, social and economic losses associated with the 2001 FMD epidemic, it is crucial that policy directives that address the scope of these challenging issues are available for immediate implementation.


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