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Foot and Mouth Disease:  Biodefense and Epidemiological Tracking

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Foot & Mouth Resource Page:  News Releases,  State Resource Websites, Emergency Plans, Fact Sheets & Correspondence.

  • Foot and Mouth Disease Reference Library: Humanitarian Resource Institute Emerging Infectious Disease Network
  • Foot & Mouth Disease: The UK Lessons Online Slide Presentation - Dr. Martin Hugh-Jones, Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems for Public Health, for the 2002 Ontario Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting.
Biosecurity Education
  • Zoonotic Disease Online Review: This resource was developed by Humanitarian Resource Institute for medical and veterinary Professionals to assist in medical surveillance and response activities associated with zoonotic and epizootic diseases. 
  • Foreign Animal Disease Online Course: This resource was developed by Humanitarian Resource Institute to enhance training for the recognition of Foreign Animal Disease's for field veterinarians.
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