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Date: 18 Nov 2003
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Source: Humanitarian University Consortium

Humanitarian University Consortium focuses on graduate studies in law, medicine and veterinary medicine
The Humanitarian University Consortium objective of facilitating higher learning through both traditional and distance education is a step closer to becoming a reality. Working relationships among the international community of scholars is facilitating collaborative research and project development, serving as a reference point for health care, education, agricultural and economic development.

Though in its embryonic stages, the development of an international education strategy continues with a focus on (1) the integration of traditional and distance education, (2) the challenges of illiteracy and inadequate educational opportunities, (3) the improvement of educational systems so that children and adults can acquire the best education regardless of their economic background or geographic location, and (4) the expansion of communication technology to lower the cost of information and the provision of a global forum for open dialogue.

As articulated by 92 percent of Nobel Laureates (Princeton Survey Research Associates) "Education is one of the biggest problems facing humankind along with poverty, health and environmental challenges." The capacity to link the international college and university system provides a pathway for systemic optimization while promoting excellence in education and research.

It is in the spirit of progress that the following educational resources have been added to the Humanitarian University Consortium web site:

Graduate Studies: Law

Graduate Studies: Medicine

Graduate Studies: Veterinary Medicine

Humanitarian University Consortium

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