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Dear Pluralism Project Friends,

It is with great sadness that we communicate the news of the death of one of our affiliates, Joel Beversluis, who died on
Wednesday, March 19.  The service was last Saturday, March 22 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Joel has advanced the documentation, study, and practice of American interfaith networks immeasurably. His affiliates page
gives just a portion of the great work in which he assumed a leadership role.

Joel edited and produced a remarkable book, A Sourcebook for the Community of Religions, for the 1993 Parliament of the
World's Religions in Chicago and saw this wonderful resource into a second edition. His careful documentation of the growing
number of Interfaith associations in the U.S. has been the backbone of our Pluralism Project resources on the Interfaith
movement. He has also co-published with NAIN (the North American Interfaith Network) an online Interfaith Newsletter
http://www.InterfaithNews.Net/index.php .

Joel's own website, CoNexus, outlines his visionary linking of our interfaith work with the interconnectedness of global issues.
In the discouragement that many of us feel during these days, Joel's "vision statement" rings clear as a bell. Please read it, and pass it on, to extend the web of connection that Joel worked so hard to nurture. http://www.conexuspress.com/conexus.html

The web address for the Interfaith Dialogue Association of Grand Rapids is
http://members.aol.com/lostquotes/Conference2002/  If you wish to contact his family or make a contribution, this would be a
good start.

Diana L. Eck
Director, The Pluralism Project
Harvard University


The following memorial was in the Grand Rapids Press on March 20, 2003:

In Memoriam
Joel D. Beversluis
Joel D. Beversluis searched out peace and unity in his life. He died Wednesday at age 54 at his home in Ada from
complications of cancer. His life celebrated the search for understanding, driven by a vision of creating community and cooperation among religions to promote peace, ecology and justice around the world. Toward that end he dedicated himself to serving organizations including the Interfaith Dialogue Association, the North American Interfaith Network, the Parliament of World Religions, the Institute for Global Education and the Religion, Ecology and Spirituality group of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council. In 1993, Joel edited "A Sourcebook for the Community of Religions" for the Parliament of World Religions and increased his international activism. He also formed CoNexus Multifaith Media, publishing and distributing faith-related materials. Joel's love and compassion touched the lives of people from every corner of the world. Joel is survived by his wife, Gwendolyn Beversluis, and children, Jonas and Vina Beversluis, Gabriel and Jodi Beversluis, and Celia and Shawn Lenger, and ten grandchildren. He is also survived by parents, Gertrude Beversluis, and Jess and Don Oppewal.The family would appreciate written remembrances. Memorial gifts may be made to the Interfaith Dialogue Association, the Institute for Global Education or the West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

Diana L. Eck
Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies
Barker Center 307
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

Director, The Pluralism Project

Master of Lowell House
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