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We’ll Kill You If You Cry:”

Sexual Violence in the Sierra Leone Conflict, presents evidence of horrific abuses against women and girls in every region of the country by the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF), as well as other rebel, government and international peacekeeping forces.-- Human Rights Watch

Rule 96 which governs the testimony of victims of sexual abuse and assault requires no corroboration of the victims testimony; consent is not a defense if the victim has been subjected to or threatened with violence, duress, detention or psychological oppression or if the victim reasonably believed another would be so subjected if she did not submit. - Patricia M. Wald, Dealing with Witnesses in War Crime Trials:  Lessons from the Yugoslav Tribunal, Vol 5, p. 222
The United Nations reported that as many as 5,000 women and girls worldwide were killed last year by family members, "many of them for the 'dishonor' of having been raped."
'Honor Killing' Follows Families to Cities

Molly Moore, Washington Post, Foreign Service, 8.8.2001; Page A01

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