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16 December 2013

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Syria is the front line of the Islamic Revolution

(CNN) -- While the world has been focused on eliminating Syria's chemical weapons, a vicious war within a war has gained momentum in northern Syria. It is a complex conflict that pits al Qaeda affiliates against more moderate rebel factions and against Syria's 2-million strong Kurdish minority. But it also threatens to spill far beyond Syria's borders. --
Syria's brutal war within a war gains momentum; CNN, 15 December 2013.

Background Discussions
HRI:IDIN: H-II OPSEC Security-Risk Management feedback Loop continues global contingency discussions for crisis response associated with the Syrian humanitarian emergency and international security crisis spiral. In deepest appreciation for the international media support with investigative research. The counterterrorism crisis is now global in scope, empowering both Sunni and Shia Islamic terrorist groups -- "Syria is the front line of the Islamic Revolution." -- Major General Mohammad Jafari, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard -- Council on Foreign Relations.

Syria was a counterterrorism WMD containment operation from day one... The consquences of allowing the crisis to spiral out of control is now (1) three times as many Islamic terrorist groups as the Free Syrian Army, making Syria the worlds top Sunni Terrorist Training Center, and (2) Shia Iranian:Hezbollah command and control of the Syrian military complex, potential perpetrators of chemical attacks in Syria with advanced warheads.

Global Defense:Interpol Counterterrorism operational support in Syria must be counterterrorism focused to stabilize the humanitarian catastrophe within Syria and countries supporting the refugee crisis, as well as restoration of security for the region. - Guidance from the National Counterterrorism Center http://www.nctc.gov/site/groups/index.html

Fifteen Syrian armed opposition groups, including the Supreme Military Council of Free Syrian Army (FSA), have established a new front under the name of “Syrian Rebels Front” to fight both President Bashar al-Assad’s government and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria. -- Syria rebels unite against al-Qaeda: ISTANBUL - Hürriyet, 14 December 2013 http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/syria-rebels-unite-against-al-qaeda.aspx?pageID=238

Prominent Shiite cleric in Iran publicly backs sect members fighting in Syria, a first in war: Fox, 15 December 2013. Url: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/12/15/prominent-shiite-cleric-in-iran-publicly-backs-sect-members-fighting-in-syria/

Who controls what in Syria? -- Ground Situation Map of Syria | SOFREP http://sofrep.com/29259/ground-situation-map-syria 33 months, 126,000 dead, Syria redefines the meaning of complex emergency as winter storms in region transition the humanitarian crisis to catastrophe. See TwitterPic - The #IDF is doing all it can to help the citizens of #Israel endure a harsh #winter storm https://twitter.com/IDFSpokesperson/status/411849438982721536

The Humanitarian Catastrophe

Headless children, yes children, other children screaming who lost their legs and arms, wounded young men thrown on the floor in pools of their blood and no place to accommodate them, one young man with head injury and large wounds who is convulsing, a mother screaming and crying pointing to her son begging doctors to take care of him, he is lying motionless dead on one of the hospital beds although she thinks that he is still alive, a group of men entered the Emergency Room carrying another young man who was just killed and chanting Takbeer for the martyr. Suddenly a man entered the hospital screaming please help, help...

See: Syria conflict: 'Barrel bombs' dropped on Aleppo: BBC, 15 December 2013. Url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-25390447

Syria - Coordinating the Logistics of an Operational Medicine Response: HRI:H-II OPSEC, 3 March 2013.


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