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19 November 2013

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18 August 2013

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Iran, Hezbollah now running Syria: opposition

Opposition leader Ahmad Jarba said Syria is now being run by regime allies Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah, with President Bashar al-Assad out of the picture, in an interview published Sunday. --  Iran, Hezbollah now running Syria: opposition: AFP, 18 August 2013.

Background Discussions:

Iranian Strategy In Syria: AEI's Critical Threats Project and Inst for the Study of War. May 2013.

Beyond the Middle East and Continental Africa - Getting a grasp on Iranian, Hezbollah operations in Central and South America: Iran, Hezbollah mine Latin America for revenue, recruits, analysts say: CNN. 3 June 2013.

The House Committee on Homeland Security released a November 2012 report that reveals Islamic terror organizations and networks are indeed exploiting profits from narcotics, and the ease of weapons attainment, and the vast technological abilities of Mexican and other southern cartels that are thriving in Mexico’s lawlessness, along with other southern regions.... In 2006, the Subcommittee reported on the presence of both Iran and Hezbollah in Latin America. -- Hezbollah Joining Cartels in Mexico's War: Breitbart, 2 January, 2013.

Focused on transfer of CBRNE WMD into the United States by terrorist groups through cartels. -- The dark side of globalization: Washington Post, 31 May 2013.  Author: Adm. James Stavridis was supreme allied commander at NATO from 2009 to 2013 and head of U.S. Southern Command in Miami from 2006 to 2009. Currently dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Tracking Hezbollah and elements of the Iranian Quds force in the United States, Central and South America: Los Zetas and Hezbollah, a Deadly Alliance of Terror and Vice: The Americas Report, 8 July 2013.

Syrian Civil War in the Context of Sunni-Shia Cold War

"The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is a horrible escalation of violence that only highlights the latest stage in the "heating up" of a long-running, low-intensity “cold war” between Shia and Sunni Islam that is currently threatening to tear the Middle East apart. Both contenders employ proxies in an intriguing case-study of modern, high-end unconventional warfare. Once the ongoing Syrian Civil War is understood through the prism of this greater conflict, a better understanding of the deeper issues at play exposes previously obscure solutions." -- Syrian Civil War in the Context of Sunni-Shia Cold War: Douglas Livermore.

Background Discussions:

Analysis: Tugged by Syria storm, Lebanon risks drifting into chaos: Reuters 4, July 2013.

July was the deadliest month in Iraq since 2008, with around 1,000 people killed and many more wounded. The violence, escalating for months, is largely sectarian and analysts say is further fueled by a political deadlock in Baghdad and a spillover of al-Qaida from the conflict in Syria. -- Iraq Sees Deadliest Month in Years: VOA, 1 August 2013.

Continental Africa - Humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia a microcosm, as the aid group Doctors Without Borders said Wednesday that it's closing all operations in Somalia after 22 years because of the increase in violent attacks and abuse against its staff. -- Violence Causes Doctors Without Borders To Exit Somalia: NPR, 14 August 2013.

Humanitarian emergencies proportional to surge in exploitation by terrorist groups - understanding the importance of immediate containment, preemption. AEI Critical Threats - Reliefweb: Emergencies by Country

Last War Standing: Why preemption is the only thing that can keep America (and international community) safe. Url: Foreign Policy, 12 August 2013.

This means that the counterinsurgents can not wait until the armoured conflict has been won. The counterinsurgents must act proactively as soon as the security situation allows. The longer they wait, the more difficult it will be for the military to maintain the necessary security. As a consequence, there is a far greater risk to the civilian population, and to those civilians who deliver economic and civilian relief. -- The Anatomy of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Royal Danish Defence College.

The Arab World Is on the Brink of Radicalizing

As the Egyptian military consolidates control by murdering pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters and declaring a state of emergency, we may be witnessing the most dangerous potential for Arab radicalization since the two Palestinian intifadas. -- The Arab World Is on the Brink of Radicalizing: Defense One, 14 August 2013.

Background Discussions:

Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi has proposed the legal dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood and the government is studying the idea, a government spokesman said. -- Egyptian premier proposes dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood: Reuters, 17 August 2013.

Muslim Brotherhood: Recent discussions associated with the Taliban, has focused international attention on the Salafis Fighting in Syria from Afghanistan: Syria's Salafi Insurgents: The rise of The Syrian Islamic Front: Swedish Institute of International Affairs, March 2013.

Crisis Response is not a Strategic Plan. -- Syria: Iran - Hezbollah - Al Qaeda Counterinsurgency Crisis Spiral: HRI:H-II OPSEC.




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