18 June 2013

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Journal of Special Operations Medicine Newsletter - Issue 5

"Yesterdays events were horrific, but shows the importance of the Journal of Special Operations Medicine as a reference on battlefield medicine to the civilian trauma docs. It is the only journal that relates to the type of medicine the civilian docs are now dealing with. -- Journal of Special Operations Medicine.  See John Holcomb's comments in the USA article: Blast injuries like those in Boston difficult to treat: USA Today, 16 April 2013.

Journal of Special Operations Medicine Newsletter
Know your JSOM ABC's - June 17, 2013 - Issue 5

In This Issue
  • JSOM for Your Tablet
  • Cultural competency and patient-centered communication
  • Techrylate, A New Rapid Acting Battle Dressing
  • Tragedy into Drama: An American History of Tourniquet Use in the Current War
  • A note from the Humanitarian Resource Institute
  • Assessment and Management of Dizziness Associated with Mild TBI
  • Photo of the Week
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