Global Preparedness & Response Network

Weather Information Network (WIN)
Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite 
NASA Global Climate & Hydrology Center
Global Composite Weather Satellite Water Vapor Image
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Global Composite Weather Satellite Infrared Image
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Reference : World Meterological Association

Global Atmosphere Watch - WMO World Data Centres

Global Atmosphere Watch - World Calibration Centres

  • Carbon Dioxide (NOAA)
  • Precipitation Chemistry (SUNY)
  • Radiation and Optical Depth (PMOD)
  • Surface Ozone and Carbon Monoxide (EMPA)
  • Total Ozone, Brewer (AES)
  • Total Ozone, Dobson (NOAA)
  • International Council of Scientific Unions World Data Centres

  • ICSU World Data Centres contain data for Meteorology, Paleoclimatology, Oceanography, Atmospheric Trace Gases, Glaciology, Soils, Marine Geology and Geophysics, Sunspots, Solar activity, Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Airglow, Aurora , Cosmic Rays and other disciplines.
  • Other Climate and Research Data Centres

  • Australian Climate Centre
  • Canadian climate and water information and data centre
  • Free University of Berlin Stratospheric Research Group
  • Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (Germany)
  • Global Runoff Data Centre (Germany)
  • Hadley Centre (UK)
  • Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
  • National Climatic Data Center (USA)
  • National Oceanographic Data Center (USA) 
  • National Geophysical Data Center (USA)
  • NASA Goddard Distributed Active Archive Center
  • Tropical Pacific Ocean Observing Array (PMEL/USA) 
  • UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  • Environmental Data Directories and Search Engines

  • Global Change Master Directory
  • CEOS International Directory Network
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA) Environmental Information Services 
  • Defense Modeling Simulations Office (USA) Master Environmental Library (MEL)
  • United Nations Environment Programme Global Resource Information Database

  • Comprehensive list of data sources
    Humanitarian Resource Institute 
    Current Projects
    International Association of Emergency managers
    EIIP: Emergency Information Infrastructure Partnership
    Center for Integration of Natural Disaster Info
    Climate Prediction Center
    Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS) Data Center
    ENVIREF: high-resolution EO satellite images for application and exploitation in humanitarian relief operations.
    World Meterological Assoc.
    A UN Special Agency
    NASA-NOAA Global Fire Monitoring
    NOAA Satellite Services Division
    OCHA Emergency Telecommunications Project
    REFWORLD: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Full-text databases
    Country Profiles
    UNHCR Public Information
    Operational Maps
    UNHCR Mapping Unit
    Food & Agriculture Organization of the U.N.
    World Health Organization Information System
    UNHCR Newswire
    Reuters News & Information
    Community Preparedness:
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