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Since the formation of Humanitarian Resource Institute in 1994, our mission objective as a nonprofit organization has been to serve as a bridge for unmet needs to untapped resources.

Through collaboration with universities, colleges, organizations, industry, government and individuals, we have been able to effectively focus on the:

  • prioritization of humanitarian issues and needs. 
  • promotion of volunteerism. 
  • development of educational resources. 
  • encouragement of collaboration among governmental, intergovernmental agencies and private sector entities. 
  • facilitation of information transfer for public use. 
Each successful initiative draws Humanitarian Resource Institute a step closer to serving as an international support system that provides (1) infrastructure analysis in United Nations member countries, (2) assessment of NGO's and relief organizational capacity to address the size and scope of humanitarian needs, (3) the provision of data to enhance the strategic planning, project development and allocation of financial and inkind donations.

How to Help

Please consider supporting our important work at one of the following sponsorship levels. 

Platinum: $25,000
Gold:  $15,000
Silver:  $10,000
Bronze:  $2,500
Nonprofit Organization: $1,000.00 

Please contact, Stephen M. Apatow, President, Director of Research and Development at s.m.apatow@humanitarian.net or by mail: Humanitarian Resource Institute, 167 Cherry Street #260, Milford, Connecticut 06460, USA.  

Contributions can also be made through Network for Good

We thank all who are supporting our organization with activities, communications, and financial support.


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